9510 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 100
Chesterfield, VA 23832-6400
9510 Iron Bridge Road, Suite 100
Chesterfield, VA 23832-6400
  • Endodontic treatment can take several appointments depending on the case. It is possible to experience sensitivity to hot & cold, sensitivity to pressure, and possible swelling.
  • While you are numb be careful not to bite your cheek, tongue or your lip. You may want to avoid chewing on this area especially hot foods and liquids until the numbing completely wears off.
  • Some irritation of the gum tissue along with the anesthetic injection site may result in some soreness for a few days.
  • A temporary filling was used to seal the tooth between visits. If the filling comes out please contact us to have it replaced. Leaving the tooth unfilled may lead to infection.
  • During root canal treatment, the nerve, blood, and nutrient supply to the tooth are removed. This will cause the tooth to become brittle and prone to fracturing which could result in the need to extract the tooth in some cases. Eat on the other side, and avoid hard, sticky foods. We recommend a core build up and a full coverage crown (cap) to protect your tooth after the root canal is completed.
  • Following the completion of a root canal you may have soreness, especially when biting. This is normal. If there is extreme discomfort or swelling, please contact the office.
  • Take all medication that was prescribed by Dr. Conner as instructed.
Posted on January 18th, 2015

Another happy smile...

"I am very appreciative of the dental work Dr. Conner and his staff did for me. My 50th birthday present to myself was to make over my smile and now I feel good about myself everyday when I look in the mirror. Every time someone asks me about the changes in my smile I tell them to go see Dr.Conner over on Rt 10. I always recommend Dr. Conner to my family and friends."

- Donald