9510 Iron Bridge Rd., Suite 100
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9510 Iron Bridge Road, Suite 100
Chesterfield, VA 23832-6400

You have just received a new appliance, which will require a period of adjustment.  First-time denture patients may require several weeks to get use to their new appliance. Normal functions like talking and chewing with the denture may be difficult at first. For the first few days, you should try to wear your denture as long as possible.

Your first task with your denture is to learn how to talk. You may experience a slight speech difficulty or lisping at first. Reading out loud will help with learning to speak more comfortably with the denture.

You may notice an increase in saliva flow at first while wearing your new denture this is normal and will decrease in a few days after wearing your denture.

Dentures do not have the same chewing efficiency as natural teeth and may affect your taste of food. Always chew your food on both sides to keep your denture balanced and to prevent any rocking. We suggest you start chewing with small bites of soft foods at first. You may want to try to eat in private until you get comfortable with your new appliance.

Your denture will need to be cleaned daily to prevent stains and bacteria from accumulating. We will provide you with a denture brush. A denture cleanser can be used if elected, use as directed. Brush your gums and tongue with a soft-bristle brush daily.


Do not wear your denture to bed. It is important to allow your tissue to rest; this will minimize tissue irritation, infection, and future bone shrinkage. Soak denture in plain water overnight. Make sure you clean the container regularly.

You may use small amount of denture adhesive for added comfort and retention.

It is not unusual for sore spots to develop under or around your denture. Sore spots are a very common occurrence. All new dentures may need several adjustments to seat completely and comfortably in your mouth. When you get a sore spot, please call the office for a quick adjustment appointment.

Keep away from pets, as they may chew and destroy your denture.

Once a year, you will need to come in for an examination so the doctor can check the fit of your denture, check your gum tissues, and provide an oral cancer-screening exam.

Questions? Dr. Conner and his team are here for you. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Posted on November 21st, 2014

Another happy smile...

"I am very appreciative of the dental work Dr. Conner and his staff did for me. My 50th birthday present to myself was to make over my smile and now I feel good about myself everyday when I look in the mirror. Every time someone asks me about the changes in my smile I tell them to go see Dr.Conner over on Rt 10. I always recommend Dr. Conner to my family and friends."

- Donald